Top Favourite Female Choreographers

by - April 03, 2017

My Top Hip-Hop Female Dancers

Because I love to dance I am constantly inspired by different choreographers, groups and dancers especially within the hip-hop/commercial area of dance. Now I know that I have so many more female dancers I wanna put on this list but like it's a bit too much so I'll probably make a pt2, so here's my top favourite female choreographers/dancers...

No.1 Chachi Gonzales
I've been a fan of Chachi way back in the day when she was apart of I.aM.mE crew and I really looked up to her because she was the youngest girl in America's Dance Crew and her dancing was just amazing. Even today her dancing has developed so much, I'm in love wither 'MyStyle Compilation' videos on youtube cause her freestyling hits hard man.

No.2 Parris Goebel 
A New Zealand dancer and choreographer, probably one of my favourtie choreographers in terms of group performances, she is known for choreographing Justin Bieber's Sorry MV, Big Bang's BANG BANG BANG, CL's Hello Bitches, TaeYang's Ringa Linga and many more. She's the hottest and most demand choreographer in the business and there's no debate about that. She is the founder and member of the popular dance group Royal Family and ReQuest dance crew (The main picture of this post). I always see both group video's going viral on facebook and YouTube and it makes me so happy because I use to watch her in America's Dance Crew back in 2011. 

American animation dancer known for her popping skills and robot like movements, I just recently found out who Dytto was due to YouTube and I must say one of the best body controlled dancersI've ever seen!! Her freestyling is so amazing like I have a soft spot for people who can pop, lock and tut and she just takes it to the next level. 

No. 4 Lia Kim
South-Korean dancer and choreographer, Lia Kim is known for choreographing TWICE's TT, Like Ohh AHHH, Sunmi's 24 hours and I.O.I's Very Very Very and more, her unique style of choreography combines elements of street funk and urban hip-hop that uses the strength of one's core and limbs, she is part of 1MILLION dance studio instructors (fave dancing youtube channels) 

No. 5 Mina Myoung
South-Korean choreographer and dancer, she is probably one of my favourite 1MILLION Dancer because I just love her type of choreography it's fast and it goes hard depending on the music. She also worked with various k-pop idols along with Lia Kim.

No. 6 Kaelynn 'KK' Gobert-Harris
American dancer, choreographer and member of 8FLAVAHZ crew, who I supported religiously in the season 7 of America's Best Dance Crew, I was just astounded by her fierce and sharp movement she's probably one of the sassiest and strongest dancers I've seen. 
No. 7 Ellen Kim
Korean-American dancer and choreographer,one of my favourites in terms of videography, not only a strong dancer but her creativity within her choreography and concept videos are just WOW! I feel like she's very underrated and she needs to be recognised more I love every single one of her videos.

No. 8 Jade Chynoweth 
American dancer that's pretty much the same age as me, she specialise in multiple genres of dance ranging from hip-hop, bboying and contemporary this girl pretty much kills it at everything. I first got interested in Jade because of her dance battles on youtube and I must say one of the best dance battles I've seen with a 13/14 year old girl (at that time) I love what she does because she does mix up different elements of dance and make it her own. 

No. 9 Sorah Yang
American dancer, choreographer and teacher, Sorah Yang's choreography is known to hit hard, high energy and a controlled style of movement, she's one of the fastest dancer's I've seen and she does it so flawlessly.

No. 10 Tam Rapp
Another one of my faves in terms of specialising in multiple dance disciplines, Tam Rapp is from Hawaii and she is a member of both 8FLAVAHZ and I.aM.mE dance crews, she's ultimately my favourite member because she's one of the first few B-Girl dancers that can actually battle it out with a B-Boy. She's also a mix martial artist and gymnast which is why I really look up to her so much. 

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