A Weekend in York • Travel Diary

by - July 31, 2017

Another Travel Diary!! My second holiday in a span of 2 weeks and this time it’s not so far away like my Amsterdam trip, but it’s within the UK, I managed to explore a town called York, famous for its rich traditional British architecture and ruins as well its university. Me and my family friends spend 4 days and 3 nights in a family friendly tourist caravanning destination called Blue Dolphin where it had bars, karaoke, theatres, arcade, fast food, pool, crazy golf, go karting and entertainment everywhere you go. Unfortunately, they didn't give you internet so I was wifi-less for 4 days, it was torture, let's just say the 4G charges on my phone will be pretty high last month. 

From our destination in York I got to experience the British countryside. I tend to visit or pass by farm and fields every so often during the year but I never really fully stayed to endure the British countryside. Firstly, I visited Whitby, 45-60 minutes from Yorkshire, at this point I realised that this is furthest I travelled North in England, we visited the Abbey ruins and got to see families and people dress-up in a gothic, European traditional clothing. At first I thought it was so weird but apparently the Abbey ruins was inspired by Bram Stoker’s Gothic iconic movie. In all fairness it looked like a run-down cathedral.

Afterwards we went by the seaside in what I think was Whitby’s town centre. The place was packed and again there were so many people cosplaying gothic Edwardian themed clothing, I was so intrigued by the whole idea, I found it very interesting yet curious. We also rode a pirate ship in the English channel. 
As for food wise, the whole time I was in York and Whitby I ate Fish and Chips, like solely fish and chips. I know I’m British but jeez the amount of fish and chips I ate this weekend was just ridiculous, everyone wanted to taste real British food instead of the take away version. It’s safe to say I won’t be eating anymore fish and chips for a long time.
The next day me and my family visited Scarborough, North Yorkshire this is where we visited the Scarborough castle to which I experience such a beautiful view of Yorkshire and learnt a lot about the English heritage of this place. I’ve also notice the number of beaches and boats around the area and of course I went to the seaside.

Travelling in my home country, especially a countryside rural area really gave me an insight to what life is like outside the cities, I got to experience different cultures and architecture within England and the UK has a lot to offer I took advantage when coming to these types of holidays but I really enjoyed my little get away in the countryside.

Hope You Enjoy My Little Trip in York! xo

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