Cheer On 2017!!

by - March 28, 2017

Cheerleading University Competition 2017

During my first year of university I manage to compete in Cheerleading, I must say at the beginning I was reluctant because I never cheered before, not only that but I also gave in to the stereotype of cheerleaders. Luckily that wasn't the case for my cheer team, I am so happy to have joined the university cheer team this year I got to meet new people, learn new things and also develop and improve my flexibility. Although I originally wanted to learn how to tumble (i never learnt in the end) I still got to keep fit and active because of it. 

One thing I learned from cheer is that attendance is sooo important for anything if one person doesn't attend you're basically screwed as a group and you have to learn the whole routine and pyramid again. 
But safe to say that during my first cheer competition the majority of the team were 1st years and things got a bit overwhelming, we didn't do so great for our first comps however we manage to come 3RD out of 9 universities in Future Cheer! which was surprising since we messed up the dance sequence. 

The second thing I learned from cheer is that CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT!! not many people credit it as a sport and I was one of them. But seeing as now I've experienced it myself cheer is definitely a sport the strength, flexibility, the synchronisation and other skills you need to gain and everything else was just as similar to any other sport, yea we may look pretty and all but to be able to hold another body put, the timings, dance, jumps, pyramid, tumbles, stunts all play for point. 
If anyone is up for debate about how cheerleading is sports ask them have you ever tried it yourself on a competitive level? 
This is why you don't judge children, never judge a book by its cover. 

Our 2nd competition was Legacy Cheer, no lie it was a long day I mean who performs at 5:30 pm to get results at 11:30 pm... like what?? no... We manage to get 2ND PLACE!! 
Next year we're gonna become more stronger and better, and hopefully, I'll be able to learn how to tumble. I'm thankful to my cheer team that voted me as their secretary for 2017/18


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