by - March 29, 2017

One of the things I would like to do in the future (or now maybe?) is to travel; I feel like pretty much everyone would one day love to travel around the world and take cute pictures, however, I do know that travelling is costly. Since I did choose a course that relates to travelling and learning about different countries, cultures, societies, history and people I thought why not do a travel bucket list of the places I wish to go to. I'm a believer that going out and experiencing the world yourself is more valuable than sitting down and reading about it. 

So far my travel experience spectrum isn't that wide it goes as far as the travelling around the Philippines, yes I know that's far but then again I haven't been back fro 10 years so I hardly remember anything. I've visited Dubai, only as a stop over which I don't really count. I've been in Paris, Lourdes and a French Northern town which I forgot the name cause I went when I was in Year 8. I've also been to Costa del Sol, Spain during my trip in Spain I also got the chance to visit Morocco for the day which was very interesting it's so insightful going to different country that I'm oblivious  or uneducated on as travelling is a learning experience too, and that's pretty much how many 'abroad' places I've been to. Within the UK I've pretty much been everywhere, here and there from Wales, Northern Ireland, London, Manchester etc etc.... I basically live in England so I have time to travel locally. I haven't been travelling abroad since my trip to Spain in Year 9 (about 5/6 years) so it's been a long time and I really been the sensation of travelling and the process that comes with it.

I've also decided to do a travels diary for the future since I'm going to be travelling quite a lot this year but at the moment I've researched and looked for places where I would like to go in the near future so for my no.1 travel bucket list is 


I feel like New York is the place to be, it's the city of dreams, lights and it's world renowned, like any tourist I would love to visit the typical touristy areas; empire state building, Brooklyn bridge, various museums, statue of liberty, Times Square, madison square garden and the 9/11 memorial museum. Furthermore, as a Friends fan I would love to take pictures in New York to see what all the hype is about, maybe go to the cafe place like in the show or maybe Grand Central and Central Park. In addition, I would also like to go to any fashion outlets and shops because you know New York is one of the Fashion Capitals but then again need to realise that I'm a student and I'm constantly broke but I unconsciously keep spending my money away like it's okay. 

Because I've never really been to New York what I always try to do is look up the history and culture of the city or country before I visit, one thing I hate is generalising countries and people but I feel like New York is filled with a range of diverse people. I've only envision New York through films and television so going there and getting first-hand experience would be a dream. 

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