1st Year of University

by - May 28, 2017

As this academic year has drawn to a close with another chapter of my life is also closing. It’s crazy how I’ve finished my first year of university it seems like only last week I started university and now I’m finishing it and I must say it’s been such a chill year for me (a lot of people did say that 1st years do just mess and fuck around, which is true) like deadlines was the only stressful thing all year and I manage to finish with a first in my course. 

If you guys didn’t already know next year, I’ll be changing my course to BSc/BA Education Studies and Social Care as I’ve decided to go into teaching. 
This year has definitely been one of the best I’ve gotten to meet such new people and experience different things such as competitions, public speaking, joining new groups, cooking, surviving without my parents and so on, I’ve really came out of my comfort zone because of university and the people I’ve befriended that have created such a positive impact on my uni life and I will forever cherish these type of moments because in the future I probably won’t have the freedom or the time to enjoy my youthful years.   

Looking back at first term I can’t believe how it went by so fast, this was the time to be social and more importantly to make friends, what I’ve learned this year that in the first 3 weeks of your university your closest friends will probably be your flatmates or flat neighbours, for me it wasn’t until after 3 months to fully find the right type of friends I wanted to be around. I learnt that your flatmates are basically there to just live with you and go out in the first few weeks, and if you don't vibe with them, tough, you’re going to be living with each other for a whole year. 
I’ve talked and met people and there are some who you'll never see or speak to again which is the sad reality since fresher’s week you can’t trust anyone, everyone pretty much puts on a mask and acts friendly but when you get to know them for certain amount of time their true personality truly shines. For me the biggest issue I had was that some of my flatmates didn’t get along after 3 months, and you witness people arguing and you try to compromise. Another thing to mention is that after a month people will start taking and using your shit in the kitchen without permission, it’s been an ongoing thing in my flat and I’m the type of person who is easy to talk and compromise with, you can use my stuff just clean it up afterwards. But no many people got the memo. Now, I’m not going to sit here and type about all the negatives because there are both negative and positives about living in university is that you really get to experience people whether it be a good thing or not, you get to experience how to live as an individual.

To the positives, meeting my course mates who I’m going to be living with next year, they’re so much fun and I’ve really got to know pretty much everyone in my course but these girls have similar personality as me and we all think the same, we all have banter and a good sense of humour. My experience in meeting my dance and cheer time was amazing, my dance and cheer group are probably one of the closes people I have in uni. Although my first experience with cheer I felt intimidated and unenthusiastic but as a gotten to speak to more cheerleaders they really made me felt like I was a part of the team. My advice when reaching out to people with established groups is just to go and talk to them, there’s no harm in that.
This term was so chill for me I literally only had 2 assignments which I got an A+s in.

Getting into the nitty gritty stuff, probably the most stressful term out of the other two, I found myself drown in constant deadlines and essays, although I manage to get As it was such a learning curve for me to NOT DO ANYTHING LAST MINUTE! read all the things you need and get started with your essays cause it's a pain in the ass having to do it the night before especially references, nevertheless i still did all my assignments in my 2nd term the night before aha.This was also the term were competition was upon us it gotten to the point where my competitions were happening every week which was stressful but at the same time I actually enjoy the pressure. 
My dance squad and cheer squad are such troopers, they really made my uni experience amazing especially when we won 1st place in Novice Hip-Hop at Northampton Dance comps and 3rd place at Future cheer and 2nd place at legacy cheer and dance. I also got voted for Cheerleading Secretary committee 17/18 next year! This was the term where I finally established my friendship group.

There was only a month of third term for me at least since I finished on May 9th this was the term where I caught up with my friends outside of university and within university before we broke up for the next academic year. Let’s just say that I took my exams carelessly, I went out a lot and I spend quite a lot. I’m not gonna lie there are people who you’ve met and talked to in the beginning of the year and suddenly they are nowhere to be found but you really do make friends who looks out for you and will be there for you. 
Another important thing is to never forget about your friends outside of university, I have friends that goes to different unis around England and some that don’t go to university and I stress out how important it is to keep contact with them because it’s easy to not message, call or meet up with them because you’re busy with uni life and that will undoubtedly lead losing all contact with you and it’ll become awkward. Do the simple things even if it is messaging them or even meeting up with them once in a blue moon.  

Sorry for the long post, just typing my experience of uni~ hope you enjoy. Love....

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  1. Great post! I have just finished first year as well and can agree with a lot of what you said especially about not leaving till the last minute as I basically would revise for my exams a week before and pull out my essays maybe two weeks before which is not a good idea. The last bit as well about not forgetting friends who go to different universities is hard but I managed to go and visit two of them as they lived a train journey away. Great post! Thank you, I hope second year goes well x

  2. Wonderful post. Great photos. I miss NYC soo much. Thanks and have a lovely day.
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