20 Facts About Me

by - April 02, 2017


So I thought about what else I could post on my blog since there's nothing interesting in my life right now, and I got the inspiration from one of my friends to do a '20 Facts About Me' 

1. I'm Filipinooo~ with a little Chinese blood, but I'm not gonna go into details about my ancestry. 

2. Born in Bicol, Philippines and raised in Brighton/Birmingham, England. I haven't been back to the Philippines in 10 years, so I'm pretty much white-washed. 

3. I can't speak tagalog or any filipino dialect, just English. But I can still understand ^^

4. I'm such a huge comic book fan, especially the cinematic universes', my favourite are the x-men & spider-man series 💖

5. I love to dance, as a hobby; I use to go to tap, ballet, jazz and contemporary classes.

6. I always look at dance inspirations on youtube, my favourite choreographers are; Parris Goebel, Ellen Kim, Sorah Yang, Keone/Mari Madrid, Kyle Hanagami, Jade Chynoweth, KK Harris & More (might do a post on this)

7. Proud Potterhead⚡ and a proud Hufflepuff - I pretty much watch all the Harry Potter films every year. 

8. Still and will forever love K-pop, as corny as that sounds, I've been interested in Korean culture since 2008. 

9. I'm pretty flexible, I can do the splits, certain tumbles and other basic gymnastics skills, however, I wish to learn more in the future.

10. My dream job is to be a Flight attendant and to work within a international development organisation  ✈ 

11. Cat Lover!! 🐱 I once owned 9 cats. 

12. My favourite colours are teal and rose gold. 

13. I'm also interested in Japanese culture too, I love their music, dramas, food, cities, anime and such 🗼

14. I'm a feminist, yes! say what you wanna say about feminist, but if the definition of a feminist is the social, political and economic equality of the sexes then why wouldn't I support that. I also think that it's pretty subjective topic. ♀

15. I compete in cheerleading for uni, cause why not.

16. I have an underbite, my teeth are pretty fucked up I've been waiting to get my surgery done so I can have an overbite. 

17. Lee Taemin is still my husband, after 9 years we're still going strong. 

18. I can shuffle/house step (if i really try) 

19. I spend 80% of my time on YouTube

20. My favourite film company is Studio Ghibli 

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  1. Number 17!!! Also, me and Daniel were talking earlier about how white-wash you are before I even read this post :)

    1. Daniel is white-washed himself!!