Organisation at Uni

by - April 08, 2017

Since I've almost finished my first year at uni I thought why not write about my experience and give advice towards people who are in university or who are thinking of going to uni. Being a joint honours student and a member of the dance and cheer society I am constantly running around juggling my student life, social life and sports life. One of the main key elements for me being successful in my uni life is organisation!! No matter what anyone say organisation is key. Some of these are just extra, it's because I AM EXTRA and I love being organise cause it helps me keep peace at mind. So here are examples of things that can help you get organised.
Theres a reason why they're called planners!! they help you plan and organise any assignments, exams, and activities. What I tend to do in my diary is I colour coordinate, I'm a visual learner and I am obsessed with good ascetics. 
  • For my modules (or subjects if you're in A-Level/GCSE) have a different colours for each one of them and write down any assignments, homework or research task, etc on them.  
  • I also like highlighters I use the traffic light system to highlight the things I should get done first such as ORANGE highlight signifies 'GET THIS DONE FIRST' and then yellow 'DO IT SOON' and green 'AIN'T THAT IMPORTANT BUT GET IT DONE LATER'
  • I also use stickers when I write down key dates such as any competitions, interviews and exams (I usually write that inn black and highlight it within the chosen module colour code.) 
  • For essays, reports and presentations I usually write down a list of tasks to do such as; researching, books, articles I need to read, meetings and planning the essay out.
  • Writing down any activities that the university offers date and time, whether it be practices, career talks, volunteering programmes or conventions. Write them down so that you won't forget.
I use both physical and computer calendars because it reminds my stupid ass. 
  • I basically just write down any important dates; exams, interviews, due dates, holidays, especially occasions (Similar to my planner but a simplified version/overview.) 
Sticky notes are my life savers, I use them for revision and to organise my work. 
  • I use different coloured sticky notes for each of my modules/subjects and write the simplified version of the module guide and then afterwards I would tick and write down what grade I got, I usually stick these around my wall/desk. Example: 
1) Essay 2,000 word (19th Dec)
2) Group Presentation (Feb 20th-Mar 24th)
3) Exam 2hr (May 2nd) 

Probably the only thing that keeps my physical work AND computer folders organised. 
  • PHYSICAL FOLDER: Use binders to divide my work into modules/subjects, make sure you write the date down for each paperwork you have (trust me it helps you so much).
  • COMPUTER FOLDERS: Similar to physical, different folders for modules and within those folders I would make a new set of folders and divide them up into weeks. I also have a separate folder called 'ASSIGNMENTS' which basically have all my assignments in there. 
I'm not sure if all universities have these, but my uni does and it's basically an app has all the essentials you need in terms of modules. I recommend downloading this app not only cause I am constantly on my phone 24/7 but because it gives you notifications of any announcements your lecturers release. 

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  1. The traffic light system to organize your to-do's is really cool! I have never heard of it before! x

    Jordyn //