My Blonde Ombré Hair

by - April 09, 2017

How I Got Ombre Hair without going to the salon

A lot of people have been asking me various questions about my hair; what’s your hair colour? What products do you use? Did you get it done at a salon? Etc etc. Since a lot of people really like my hair I’ll answer their burning questions.
First of all I’ve never dyed my hair in a salon (I’m cheap, hair salons are expensive these days) I got all my products from Boots or Superdrug and my dear friend helped me.
Secondly, I don’t really know what my hair colour is, lol my hair evolution went from virgin black to brown to dark red/purple to brass/copper ombré to blonde ombré. Thank God my hair ain't stubborn when it comes to hair dye. If I had to give you a colour, it's really blonde right now (after bleaching it 3 times).
Thirdly the products I use:

Bleach: Jerome Russel Blonde | High Lift Powder Bleach & Maxium Cream Peroxide.
My hair was naturally really dark so after I bleached it the first time it came out orange/copper, I didn't like it so much but I just got over it since I didn't want to bleach it again to prevent my hair from getting dry or damaged. After 4 months I bleached it again and it was more of a copper/brassy colour, then I gave it another 4/5 months and decided to bleach it again. I wanted to go blonde at the bottom since I really hated the brassy tone, so my flatmate recommended me a tonner. 

Tonner: PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver | Brightening shampoo.
This is literally my lifesaver and the reason why my hair colour is as good as it is. This tonner gets rid of brassy tones within your hair after bleaching it. I would use this before every shower I take and let it rest in my hair for about 5-10 minutes and at first I didn't believe it'll get rid of the brassiness but eventually after a couple of weeks it did!! I'm still using this product because there are hints of brassiness still left in my hair. 

Here's some pictures of my hair when I was gradually building up the bleach and before i used the tonner.

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  1. Should try temporary purple hair colour!!! <3

    1. dw dw I already got the purple dye, it's coming real soon ^^

  2. Great review! I love touch of silver shampoo :D Your hair looks gorgeous! :)


  3. Looking forward to your purple hair~~

    1. won't have purple hair until summer ahaha